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Why Atlantic?

We are American citizens who know and live the area - real estate is a local matter and we do it in the area!  Atlantic is an American-Israeli-owned company.  

"We operate only in places we know well from the field, where we have a great presence and knowledge."

אמריקאים שמכירים את השטח

The team around was selected  Carefully - Atlantic  Works with the best  Accountants, lawyers, real estate agents, management companies, closing companies, renovators and more. All of these have been filtered.  Of 10 years experience.

אנשים! או הצוות שבחרנו בקפידה

Reliability and collateral - The most significant security for the investor is the registration of the property in his name in the American "taboo" method, which will guarantee him full control and legal ownership of the property.  We teach our investors to check the real market prices in each transaction.

אמינות ובטחונות

Knowing the needs and character of each investor and tailoring the perfect deal for him  - The many experience and connections we have accumulated over the years  Allow us to offer a wide range of investments according to the desires and abilities of each client. Different projects, different risk levels, different places, extensive investment range, investment diversification and more.

מתאימים עצמנו לכל לקוח
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