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1. Share knowledge and tune the compass in the ocean called free American real estate!

Anyone can invest on their own, but American real estate is a broad concept that includes sub-markets and different types of investments that can confuse the overseas investor who does not live the market.
After over a decade of experience in this market we are in the Atlantic
  We will be happy to give every Israeli investor the appropriate emphasis on any transaction from our experience to the best of our ability,  In a variety of topics such as collateral, property registration, trust account, insurance companies, closing companies, taxation, management companies, calculation of all expenses, expected returns and more. We advise and lend, but the most important thing in a distance purchase is to know that you are buying at a market price and even below it by comparing each property to its market (COMPS).


Zillow - Home Values

Trulia - Home Values

Neighborhoodscout - Home Values

Niche - Home Values

2. Do you have a direction for a particular property or area? We will be happy to accompany the safe beach in the land of unlimited possibilities!

If you are an experienced investor, and you have a direction for a specific property or area but you do not know how to proceed, and are afraid to buy at an excessive price or in dealing with the various factors, we will do our best. We will be happy to accompany you through the acquisition process in most transactions in processes such as negotiation, property inspection, the various companies involved (management, closing, etc.), legal aspects, taxation and more with the help of our staff and extensive experience.

3. Ready to join the ship, our whole honor!
Over a decade of experience in the American market has created many business relationships and relevant knowledge for us in the American real estate market. We will be happy to offer each investor a complete and customized package from the variety of properties available to us Tenant, management, legal, financial and more.


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