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Our model

ACO - Atlantic Clear Ocean

The simpler the model, the clearer the information coming to the investor  And there are no surprises.

We're in the company  Atlantic believes there is no need to invent the wheel in real estate in models that complicate, confuse and intimidate the investor,  And prevent him from understanding the details of the investment in depth.

Investment in income-producing real estate in the USA  She  Simple. The average return on the investment channel is large compared to alternative investments. Just to clear the ear,  If the average return for an apartment in Israel is about 3%, in the US you will receive an average return of about 12% on an investment apartment for the most part.

5 principles of the ACO model - Atlantic Clear Ocean

Promising a return?  Anyone who has done a lesson or two in economics knows that there is no such thing as a "return guarantee", since the returns that banks promise in deposits and savings are considered  Solidity,  And binoculars  The market situation, which currently exists  In less than one percent in many places in the world. In this way, the economy is encouraging  You  The available capital for various investment channels  Pp. To motivate  The market.  Common investment channels  They are securities in the capital market, and real estate.

In every investment there is a risk. We at Atlantic use the vast experience we have accumulated, and our deep and many years of familiarity with the American market  To find the most attractive areas in this huge market, and minimize the risk as much as possible without "guaranteeing a return", which often comes at the expense of the investor at the time of purchase.

?הבטחת תשואה

A property registered in the register in the name of the investor without small print is the most significant security! - Whether investing alone or with friends, family or other partnerships, whether the property is registered in the name of an investor or a company, the first rule is that each property will be registered in the name of the investor  And this is the significant safe  most. Once the property is selected, the investor's money usually goes to a third party trust lawyer (lawyer), who checks  That the property is free of any debt or lien and finally transfers  The property is the sole property of the investor. This completely protects the investor, as it is not dependent on any company  Management or brokerage, and have no present or future holding rights in the property.

נכס רשום בטאבו על שם המשקיע

Comparable assets -   The apprehension  The great and justified remedy of a remote investor is that they will sell him a property at a price higher than his market value. The ACO model offers its customers many interfaces and sites in order to see that the property they have purchased is indeed at market prices and even below it. In fact, we as a society  Earn from discounts provided to us as entrepreneurs in the negotiation process  Without harming the value of the property and the investor.

נכסים ברי השוואה

Good and proven management companies - the secret that helps keep your investors quiet! When there is no trust in the management company, many investors find themselves dealing  Long time in an overseas property, and expenses are added urgently. Therefore, the very fact that we are in the US allows us to be constantly on the pulse with management companies and ensure that our success and that of our investors is their success. The people we work with are continuously tested according to a number of different indices, and are of the most reliable and successful in the market, thus providing peace of mind and security for the property owners.

חברות ניהול טובות ומוכחות

Calculate all! But all the expenses! - The ACO model includes an algorithm  That calculates for our investors all the smallest expenses in order to provide the most effective return forecast: closing costs, opening a company, appraiser report, seriousness fee, fee  Management, estimates of lack of perception and wear and tear  and many more. Only after weighing these expenses, our investors get a realistic and illusory forecast and thus can examine the investment in supervised poor.

!חישוב כל! אבל כל ההוצאות
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