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Miami /  Florida

Miami is the largest city in the southeastern United States and Florida. Its metro area is numbered  5.5 million people. Miami and its surrounding cities are the fifth largest urban area in the United States. Coconut trees and white beaches have made Miami the most famous coastal city in the United States, and one of the most famous tourist centers in the world. Miami is also considered the "gate of America " due to its proximity to the Caribbean and Mexico. The large Spanish -speaking population of Miami, ties it to a broad economic connection to Latin America , making it and the surrounding area  To an economic center in the Hispanic world.

Economy - The city has become known as the well-known resort city in the US and possibly in the world.  In addition, it maintains a major center of commerce, finance and is home to many giant companies, American and Latin.


Real Estate Data - The average house in Miami sells for about $ 295,000 and the average rent is $ 2,069 a month. In addition, the ownership ratio to tenants is 70-30% in favor of tenants which is an encouraging figure for owners. Most of the market is apartment houses and complexes  (55%).

In the last year the market has risen by about 2% and according to forecasts is expected to rise this year in a little while. About 51% of the apartments were built before 1969.

נתוני נדל"ן

The great potential in Miami exists due to the fact that in Florida, and in Miami in particular, there is the strongest positive migration in the US. Most come from the cold North states and Central America, which creates strong demand  All the time. In addition, our offices are currently located in the city, creating a significant advantage in their vicinity  To assets. It is worth noting that the Atlantic company has started investing more and more in recent years in Orlando, Florida, as housing prices there are cheaper. However, the company is still invested in the Miami and South Florida area.

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