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Custom investments

The US real estate market is huge and contains different and diverse sub-markets with different investment conditions.

  Atlantic  Always try to find the most suitable investment for each investor according to various parameters:

Location - Each market is characterized by advantages and disadvantages that we examine in depth, and thus we know how to offer a variety of investments in different geographical and strategic locations.


Risk level - One of the first rules in economics is that the higher the yield option, the higher the risk level. We operate in a number of different markets with different levels of risk.

רמת סיכון

Personal preference between increase in value and return - In many cases, markets that are characterized by a high fixed return differ from markets that are still on the rise, and in which a larger profit can be created at the sales stage.

העדפה אישית בין עליית ערך לתשואה

The type of property - from private homes to units in buildings - each channel has advantages and disadvantages that are important  Weigh in a profitable investment.

סוג הנכס

Investment amount - We offer a wide range of assets in different investment amounts,  As well as an option for property partnerships and risk diversification across several investments in accordance with the capabilities and desires of each investor.

סכום השקעה
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