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Accessibility statement

Atlantic Real Estate Company  Sees paramount importance in making the site accessible to people with disabilities and therefore acts  To promote the accessibility of Israeli sites and make them suitable for the entire population in Israel, in accordance with the recommendations of the Israeli Standard (T.I. 5568) for accessibility of content on the Internet at AA level and the international WCAG2.0 document.

Major adjustments

Website design  -  The site was designed with awareness and adjustment for surfers and visually impaired customers


Building site  -  The structure of the site is based on convenient and clear navigation.

Colors  -  The site is designed in contrasting colors that allow optimal use for the visually impaired and color-blind.

Keyboard control  - Surfers who have difficulty operating a mouse can browse the site using a keyboard.

Repeatedly pressing the key  Tab  Switch between the various links on the page. Clicking on  Enter  Activate the highlighted link.

Site content

  • Hierarchical structure and correct for the headings and sub-headings on the site

  • The links on the site are clear and contain an explanation of the location to which they lead. 

  • Graphic objects have a textual alternative (alt) 

  • Maintaining a minimum font size

  • Content and links on all pages of the site are written in simple and clear language that is easy to navigate and use.

  • Accessibility statement

Ways to address requests and suggestions for improvement regarding accessibility

It should be noted that despite our efforts to make all the pages on the site accessible, parts of the site that have not yet been accessed may be discovered. 
We continue our efforts to improve the accessibility of the site as part of our commitment to enable its use for the entire population

Including people with disabilities.

If you come across inaccessible elements on the site,  Please contact a manager  Website by phone: 054-6343311

Or using  Miles .

Date of writing the accessibility statement: 12.02.2018

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