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Who we are

Yuval Naveh

Yuval was born in California. Yuval graduated with honors with a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in business administration from Ben-Gurion University. In recent years he has been involved in real estate, and now manages the company's operations from the field.

Eyal Avni

Eyal grew up in the north of the country. After completing his combat service in the Nahal, he moved to the United States and began working in real estate. Eyal currently manages the company from its offices located in Miami, Florida, where he currently resides.

Atlantic is an entrepreneurial real estate investment company in the USA, most of the company's activities are currently carried out in the most sought after cities in Ohio - Cleveland, Canton and Akron!

At Atlantic, we first learn the needs and character of each investor, and tailor the perfect deal for him. The many experiences and connections we have accumulated over the years allow us to offer a wide range of investments according to the desires and abilities of each client.

Many years we have invested ourselves in buying houses, renovating and selling them and also in buying long-term houses. After inquiries from many acquaintances and friends who were looking for a safe and reliable company, and were burned by real estate companies in the US, we decided to take advantage of the many connections and extensive experience we gained in doing business in these countries and thus was born - Atlantic Real Estate!

We provide our services to a variety of different clients, from sellers and first-time buyers to large-scale companies and investors looking to expand their investment portfolio. Our trading pool is huge and contains a wide variety of different properties at attractive prices and in the most coveted locations in Ohio!

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